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Samson Equipment Ltd are proud to announce our partnership with Britlift. Britlift are a leading UK based designer and manufacturer of modular and fixed lifting and spreader beams. Their innovative designs allow for shortened lead times whilst maintaining the highest levels of quality. Whatever your lift requirements we can deliver equipment that will be both safe and efficient.

Easy Hook Fixed Spreader

If “ease of use” and “within budget” are two of your primary requirements then the Easy Hook spreader could be the lifting system you are looking for. This original Britlift design uses a hook connection for both top and bottom slings making it quick and easy to rig with no loose parts. The Easy Hook Spreader is ideal for one off lifts or repeat lifts where the span will not change.  The Easy Hook system is available up to 15m in length and 30 tonnes in capacity. The Easy Hook Spreader is designed and manufactured to order, ensuring that it is suitable for your lift.

Traditional Modular Spreader Beams

The Britlift Traditional Modular Spreader beam is available in a huge range of standard sizes and has been optimised to make it the lightest system of its kind worldwide. The Britlift system includes a unique link retention feature which retains the link plate situated at the end of the beam. This helps to ease the burden upon riggers, and speed up assembly – particularly for the heavier duty beams.

The Britlift Traditional Modular Spreader is also our first choice for medium and heavy duty lifts, up to 40m in span and 1000t in capacity.

Lifting  Beams

Lifting beams are common solutions for indoor and other low height (low headroom) situations. They are also often used where multiple bottom connection points are required. Britlift design and manufacture lifting beams to suit a range of applications from as light as 100kg to in excess of 100 tonnes!

Lifting & Spreader Beams

Lifting Frames or Spreader Frames are ideal for 4 point lifts where there is a low headroom requirement, or where a cascading arrangement of spreader beams cannot be used. Britlift’s engineers have years of experience designing and manufacturing these frames, and can work with you the help ensure that you get the right frame for your specific lift.  The most common capacity range for these types of frame is 1 – 200 tonnes.


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Why Choose Us

  • We have over 50 years combined experience in the cranes and lifting industry.

  • We put safety first in everything we do

  • We are committed to giving the best possible customer service

  • We can supply standard or bespoke solutions
  • You speak with an specialist not a salesman.

What Client’s Say

Just a short note to say how impressed we are with the new Self Loading Platforms supplied to our MotionGate site here in Dubai.

The build quality is excellent, they were as easy and quick to install as you said they would be and they are already saving us loads of labour time on site.

Good luck with the new venture and I hope to see you again next time you are in Dubai !