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Tottenham Hotspur Football Club – New Stadium

SITE:  TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR - NEW STADIUM - LONDON PRINCIPLE CONTRACTOR: KING LIFTING PROJECT BRIEF:   Samson Equipment were asked by their valued customer King Lifting Ltd to provide equipment suitable for [...]

PodLifter | Sisk | Lewisham Gateway

SITE:  LEWISHAM GATEWAY PRINCIPLE CONTRACTOR: SISK PROJECT BRIEF:  Principle Contractor Sisk needed a fast and safe solution for lifting and installing prefabricated bathroom pods into a 23 storey [...]


SITE:  CHELSEA PRINCIPLE CONTRACTOR: JRL MIDGUARD PROJECT BRIEF:  JRL – Midgard needed a fast and safe solution for the removal of waste from it’s multi-floor project in the heart of Chelsea. [...]

Cidon Construction | Port Street | Manchester

SITE:  Port Street PRINCIPLE CONTRACTOR: Cidon PROJECT BRIEF:  When Cidon Construction urgently needed 2 bespoke sized cantilever loading platforms for their Port St project in Manchester, they came to Samson Equipment, [...]

MACE | Atlas Building | City Road | London

SITE:  ATLAS BUILDING, CITY ROAD, LONDON PRINCIPLE CONTRACTOR: MACE PROJECT BRIEF:  Toprovide 3 No bespoke  PodLifter cages for the lifting and sideways installation of pre-fabricated bathroom pods into the iconic [...]

Samson provide another Crane Loading Platform solution

Main Contactor: Metnor Construction Customer: Metnor Construction Location: Newcastle upon Tyne Equipment: Samson HD25 Hardideck Platforms Metnor Construction were looking for a Crane Loading Platform solution for their Portland Place site in Newcastle for the [...]

Eichinger Equipment – Silvertown, East London

Main Contactor: O'Shea Customer: Eichinger Equipment Location: Silvertown, East London Equipment: Samson FD25 Fixed Deck Platform Samson were called upon by Eichinger Equipment to provide a crane loading platform with a flush to floor [...]

Plant Movements Ltd | Greenwich Peninsular

When the UK’s leading plant handling company, Plant Movements Ltd won the contract to lift and install over 450 prefabricated bathroom pods into a brand new riverside hotel in Greenwich without using crane loading platforms, [...]

Brookfield Multiplex – CentrePoint – London

(Click image for more) Literally located at the centre of London, main contractor Brookfield Multiplex were quick to spot the opportunity for increased productivity by utilising our Hardideck platforms on their Centrepoint Project.  

Metnor Construction – Newcastle

(Click image for more) When it came to choosing a loading system for the fit out of a steel framed student accommodation block in Newcastle upon Tyne, Metnor Construction were impressed by the versatility that [...]

Metnor – Kingston

Metnor | Kingston | 5 Samson Hardidecks Metnor need access to 5 levels of their concrete framed structure which at the time were not reachable by crane.  As fit out was occuring simultaniously with facade [...]